The film The Salad Zone (2013) focuses on everyday life. Abu Abdallah examines the absolute, the prescribed and the absurd of social agreements in a time of abundance and the resulting constructions of fear. The work reveals Abu Abdallah’s characteristic handling of language and image. She concentrates on side events and banalities in which she searches for little stories that tell of greater things. The visual material originates from her private surroundings, without revealing its concrete background. For the artist, the question is what remains of memories and encounters when their visual reference is removed from its context.

Sarah Abu Abdallah’s work is conducted by a search for a self and a sense of belonging. How does both manifest themselves in public and private space, especially through different framework conditions? Recurring motifs are moments of disappearance and destruction as well as questions of gender-specific coding and restrictions in the domestic and public spheres. 


curated by Mohamed Almusibli

04. 12. 2020. > 14. 02. 2021


Sarah Abu Abdallah - The Salad Zone, 2013