A sex tape assembled by two different observers. The artist, who is telling the story of a hook-up in all its causing details. The gaze of a surveillance camera as a blind witness with sensitive ears. They complement each other in time and view. Sex tape oscillates between both observations while releasing some secrets in its anti-action. 

In „The Aesthetics of Narcissism“ from 1976, Rosalind Krauss has defined video as a medium of self-absorption, where the body is centered between two appliances; the camera and the monitor. 

In Sex Tape (Misplaced Observer) this center is shifted outside the frame but is still  present. Positioned in the blind angle of the camera, the body is emphasized by its absence, challenging the viewer’s voyeuristic instincts.

Milena Langer (*1997) is an artist based in Zürich. 

Her work has been recently included in exhibitions at Swiss Institute (New York) and Milieu (Bern).


curated by Mohamed Almusibli

04. 12. 2020. > 14. 02. 2021


Milena Langer - Sex Tape (Misplaced Observer), 2020