I left home at 17. On the 9th  of July 2018, having recently turned 36, I found myself sat in the back of my parent’s car driving from my sisters to London. The reduction of the backseat position inflaming past guilt, embarrassment and the muscle memory of lost control. We pass 2 trucks. One truck had crashed while the other waited patiently on the slip road. Written on both trucks the word “experience”. One experience crashed, one experience waited patiently on the slip road. I grabbed my phone and shoot what I could.

Ian Wooldridge is an artist and writer based in Zurich. He has performed and exhibited at: ICA (London); Fri Art (Fribourg) Nuit Blanche (Paris Arts Lab 2019); The Cruising Pavilion (Venice Architecture Biennale 2018); LUX (London); Folkwang (Essen) and Istituto Svizzero, (Rome). And has written for Frieze (uk), Mousse (it), Brand New Life (ch), Arcadia Missa (uk), Pilot Press (uk) and Le Temps (ch).


curated by Mohamed Almusibli

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Ian Wooldridge - Life Filters, 2020